Mat & Shelley Faulkner tackle the renovation of a hundred year-old mercantile in historic downtown Searcy, Arkansas. Follow the progress of the restoration, the challenges they discovered along the way, and the amazing final result of investing into this landmark project.

Renovating Robbins Sanford Teaser

Unearthing the Past

Mat and Shelley Faulkner explain why they chose to renovate this iconic downtown building, their first impressions of the project and their feelings toward taking on this monster fixer-upper.

Building a Dream

Demolition kicks off as the crew begins building access to the top floor. On the very first day of demo, an unexpected phone call reveals a major structural concern.

Continuing the Vision

Stuart & Wendy Dalrymple, previous property owners, receive a phone call with a suggestion of turning the old Van Atkins building into an event center. Initial doubts change to optimism as the real estate investors create a downtown treasure for the community and the Faulkner’s strive to continue the vision.

If These Floors Could Talk

You can’t fabricate the kind of character found on these old wood floors. 108 years of wear and abuse tell the story of this giant mercantile. The construction crew builds a staircase to reach the top level and begins carefully extracting the old tongue and groove boards to be used later in the renovation.

Visualizing a Concept

UCA’s advanced interior design class prepares multiple designs for the building owners to consider before going to the architect.

Seeing in 3D

Lead architect on the project, John Connell (SCM Architects), explains the process of taking the vision to a reality by “seeing in 3D”. What started as simple floor plans and Pinterest boards, converts to highly-detailed architectural and engineering drawings.

Building to Last

Daniel Casey, owner of Casey Arms and star on History Channel’s “Iron & Fire”, constructs a beautiful work of art for Think Idea Studio’s new conference table. The one-of-a-kind piece is made from hand-forged iron and walnut with a wagon wheel base weighing in close to 1,000lbs. Ten men carry the table top to its final home in the new studio.

Stepping Through the Doors

This episode is for all you DIYers (Do It Yourselfers) who aren’t afraid of tackling a project. Brooke and Mark Ferren walk us through the process of naturally aging the solid oak Carriage Room doors into beautiful antiqued show pieces with household items you wouldn’t expect.

Renovating Robbins Sanford Finale Montage

As the renovation of the Robbins Sanford mercantile comes to completion, we take a look back at the process and the beautiful final result. Think Idea Studio is finally able to make this beautiful new space home for the creative agency and a hub of community activity.