A marketing plan made for small businesses, by a small business.

As our state and country look at re-opening, we want every small business to be ready when their doors are open again. The Back to Business Marketing Recovery Program follows three phases, setting up your business for marketing success each step of the way. As an additional benefit to assist with cash flow, we’re offering this program with deferred payments and levelized billing options.

Program Phase 1


The Evaluation Phase is a deep dive into your marketing efforts as they stand now. We’ll take a look at everything from overall branding and point of purchase (POP) signage, to search engine optimization (SEO) and social media strategy. This phase is included at no cost to you, whether you continue with the program or not. Without this review, it would be like looking at a map without the “you are here” circle. By knowing where you are starting and discussing the marketing goals you have, we can better create a plan in Phase 2.

Program Phase 2


The Development Phase is all about creating your custom marketing plan. We’ll get together with our team and discuss the best tactics and strategies for your business. Your plan will include a list of executables, timelines, and costs associated with each element. This phase is also at no cost to you, whether you choose to move forward with executing your plan or not.

Program Phase 3


The Execution Phase is where the fun begins. You may pick and choose which elements from your plan you want to move forward with, then our team will get to work designing, developing and implementing.

So how much does this cost?

We know, that’s the million-dollar question. Every business is different and the Phase 2 plans will reflect your unique needs and goals. Thus, we have to go through Phase 2 with your business to answer this question. Rest assured, we have been helping market hundreds of businesses the past 17 years, and you will be in good hands with our award-winning team who understands your need to see a return on your investment — now more than ever. We are a small business, too.

But we have some great news to help with cash flow…

Businesses who sign up, are approved, and decide to continue through Phase 3, will have no payments for two months and can opt into interest-free levelized billing for up to 12 months, based on a sliding scale. The total cost of your marketing plan will set the terms of your payment. This means you can beef up your marketing efforts without paying a large sum upfront. We know cash flow may be a challenge right now.

Our goal with this program is to offer a solution for businesses that need to “up” their marketing game, but simply don’t have the cash flow to pay in the traditional way. As our state and country look to re-open, the time is right to evaluate your marketing as it stands, find the holes, and make a plan. Once restrictions are lifted and we can gather again in restaurants, stores, and simply have face-to-face meetings, we want your signage, website, and in-store graphics to truly reflect your brand so you can put your best foot forward… and get back to business!

What this Program is NOT:

  • Business consulting advice. We will not advise you about when to re-open or how to re-open.
  • Free marketing. We are happy to evaluate your marketing efforts as they stand and offer a custom plan, but once execution begins, our accountant will be in touch to discuss your levelized billing options and set up payments on your credit card.
  • A “saving your business” plan. We are marketers, meaning, we know graphic design, website development, social media, and SEO. If your business struggles to stay afloat on it’s best day, marketing may help, but there is no guarantee of increased revenue.

Interested in getting back to business?


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